Hearing Test

Hearing checks and assessments

Everyone should have a hearing test every two years as part of their health and wellbeing checks. Not only is this important to ensure good hearing health but also for early action to be taken should a hearing loss be present. At Bollington Hearing Centre, we offer a FREE hearing screening check as well as FREE full hearing and communication tests with one of our Audiologists.

Short screenings last about 15 minutes, where several key frequencies are tested, along with an ear inspection. Or, if you feel you have hearing difficulty, a full hearing and communication check can be done. These usually last around 90 minutes. This leaves plenty of time to confidentially discuss how communication issues are affecting your lifestyle. Additionally we consider other details of any relevant medical history.

The testing includes a full ear examination with video-otoscopy (a tiny camera that goes inside the ear). In addition there is pure tone testing, speech-in-noise testing (how well you hear with background noise) and tympanometry (this measures middle ear function) if required. We use the latest state-of-the-art technology to carry out full diagnostic hearing tests.

We plot the results to create an audiogram showing your own unique hearing pattern. Then we will clearly explain this and other results so you have a full understanding of your hearing abilities. Next we will tailor a prescription to suit your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget if hearing instruments are recommended.

Because we are independent, we will show you all of the options, so you can choose what to do about your hearing. Subsequently you can choose the best solution, which may or may not include hearing instruments.

Should I get a Hearing Test?

This list of questions is a good guide of whether you have any hearing issues.

Do you?

  • Often feel that other people are ‘mumbling’ or not speaking clearly?
  • Have trouble following a conversation when there is background noise present?
  • Need to turn the television or radio up and even then, sometimes it is still not clear?
  • Often ask people to repeat what they have said?
  • Feel stressed or tired when you have to listen for long periods of time?
  • Avoid social groups because there is too much noise and you struggle to hear clearly?
  • Do friends and family ask if you are having problems hearing?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to two or more of these questions, then we would suggest an in-depth hearing test. This includes a communication test with one of our experienced Audiologists. This will show the type and degree of any hearing loss. And if you need a medical referral and what the best path is for you.

You will have the chance to discuss your concerns. Above all to learn the exact nature of your hearing loss and to think about possible options. We also offer trial periods and demos of our hearing technology. So you can discover just how much you may have been missing out on.

Did you know?

Untreated hearing loss:

  • Makes it difficult to stay connected, communicate well, and remain active in the community.
  • Makes it harder to follow conversations and is often very tiring. It has also been linked to dementia.
  • Can make you feel more isolated and can cause mental health issue such as depression and loneliness.
  • Makes listening to the television and radio less enjoyable and using the telephone very challenging.


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