Hopi Ear Candles, do they really work?

In short, Hopi candles DO NOT work.

There is no clinical data to suggest that it is effective for any ear wax condition. Ear candling, also known as thermal-auricular therapy or ear coning, is a practice claiming to improve general health and well-being of the ear. Significant medical research has shown that not only is it ineffective but also can be dangerous. It does not remove ear wax or bacteria and in fact should be discouraged. The material left after carrying out “candling” is just the residue from the candle itself and not ear wax which some people believe or are advised.

If you are struggling with ear wax then please come and see us at Bollington Hearing Centre or seek professional advice. Wax removal should be carried out by a trained professional and removed via micro suction, irrigation or instrumentation.