Good Hearing Aids

What is a hearing aid and how does it work?

Hearing aids are devices that amplify sound. Depending on the size they either fit in the ear or behind the ear. A hearing aid has three main parts:

  1. Microphone
  2. Amplifier
  3. Speaker

The microphone picks up sounds from the environment. The amplifier adjusts the sounds according to the hearing needs of the user. The user then hears the correctly modified sounds through a tiny speaker in their ear. If set correctly according to the users hearing needs, they will hear perfectly balanced and audible sound.

The microphone picks up sounds from the environment. The amplifier adjusts the sounds according to the hearing needs of the user. The user then hears the correctly modified sounds through a tiny speaker in their ear. The user hears a now perfectly balanced and audible sound.

The latest hearing aids

Hearing aid technology updates are released by the manufacturers all the time.

There are physical advances in the receivers and speakers. Most importantly though it is the amplifier that has improved the most. More sophisticated hearing aids are now fully programmable. We can adjust their output to perfectly match the hearing loss of the user as well as the lifestyle needs.

Digital hearing aid

The digital hearing aid is a fully programmable hearing aid but there are several main advantages.

Firstly, it uses less power and if battery operated does not drain the battery as quickly. If rechargeable then the hearing aid will never lose power as the charge lasts for a full day.

Secondly, as well as being fully programmable, the hearing aid will automatically adjust itself according to the users environment. How the hearing aid has been set up by the Audiologist also plays a role. The user can however override the settings. This option is accessed via a remote control, program buttons on the hearing aids. Some manufacturers also a mobile phone special app for these additional functions.

Finally, it has more accurate sound processing built into its programs. This gives a clearer and more natural reproduction of what we hear with a higher frequency response for both speech and music. This would not be possible be possible with older technology hearing aids.

In the ear hearing aids

In The Ear Hearing Aid being worn
in the ear hearing aids

Most people want their hearing to be discreet and many do not like them to be visible at all.

In-the-ear hearing aids are designed to allow hearing aid wearers to get hearing devices that are smaller and less obtrusive than ever before. There are hearing devices available now which come in tiny sizes, almost unnoticeable when worn.

We custom fit your in-the-ear hearing aids to fit comfortably into your ear canal depending on the users hearing loss needs, dexterity and lifestyle.

Behind the ear hearing aids

These hearing aids are a little larger than hearing aids which sit inside the ear. However, especially with receiver in the canal type, they can actually be more discreet than in the ear. They are easy to use, durable and comfortable. Many only have a super-thin cable connecting the speaker that fits just inside the ear.

One advantage of this type of hearing aid is that they can be discrete but also incorporate a lot of technology into them. This delivers great audibility, quality of sound, flexibility and ease of use. You can enjoy hearing the birds sing while you walk in the park just as clearly as hearing your friends speak at conversational level. You also have other features such as directional microphones, multiple programs, Bluetooth connectivity  and ear to ear synchronisation.

Good hearing aids

Like most things, good means what is best for the individual. It all starts with a hearing test. Once we know the level of hearing loss in both ears and the lifestyle of the individual, we can talk about requirements. With this information we can help you make the best choice for you, your lifestyle and your budget.

And and as we are completely independent we work with all of the major manufacturers. That way we don’t limit our recommendations to any one type of hearing aid or technology. We always have the widest choice, and therefore the best solution, for you individually.

Best Hearing Aids

The question everyone wants an answer to!

Which is the best hearing aid? Who makes the best hearing aids?

The simple fact of the matter is, the level is so high, that no one manufacturer nor type of hearing aid is the best.

Although this doesn’t directly answer the question, what it means is that you as a patient have the greatest choice. You are not limited to X, Y or Z. You can always get the best device for your particular needs at the best price. Come and see us and we’ll show you exactly what we mean!